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February 20, 2012, 12:43 AM
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I’m Sam Jones, and I’m making an effort to craft and live a simple, sustainable life in my little corner of the world here in Harmony, TN. Yes, I really live in Harmony, with my husband and my dog. I am deeply concerned about the economy, Peak Oil and climate change, along with a dozen other major issues of our time, but I’m learning to respond to these challenges by TRANSITIONING to a lifestyle based on local resilience, reducing my energy needs, developing useful skills, and taking charge of my own health.

I was raised in the Deep South and learned a thing or two there about growing food and living frugally, both skills that have helped me immensely with raising my own 4 daughters. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I am here to help people learn to live well in these difficult and life changing times. 

I’ll be writing about growing community and growing food, keeping backyard chickens and bees, cooking from scratch, preserving food, my plant based diet, reusing, recycling and reducing what I need to live well.  For me, it’s all about choices. But my journey to live well on less will never be over, as I’m always learning new ways to do so. Here’s the thing: Living this way has empowered me like nothing else every has!  Join me as I ‘take a trip and never leave the farm’. (By the way, that’s just a saying I heard back in the 70′s from Jerry Garcia). I don’t live on a farm and my blog will be ideas that anyone can copy regardless of where you live.


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Yeah Sam!! Your article disappeared. Now the Loafer is gone ( they took away the stand in front of the Bistro). The Cranberry Thistle is gone. There have been plenty of changes recently but…You’re still here! That makes me happy!

Comment by Carol Jernigan

This new site looks great, Sam. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I am SO taken by your picture you’re using here. You have to grin when you see it! Is this one that Marilou Johns took? Hugs and love from Ellie

Comment by Ellie Hjemmet

Yep Marilou Johns, who, as you know, is the ‘official’ Roan Mountain Moonshiners photographer, took that last fall. It was a great day, and Onion was squealing like, well, a PIG when she took it! haha

Comment by simpleintn

Love the pic, Sam! Is this a new porcine pet?
As to your blog, has this taken the place of Simple Times? I was not sure if I got bumped off the mailing list after a period of time with me being inactive in Simplicity, or if you stopped the publication, (which I loved, by the way, – great ideas and great recipes! )
Please keep up with all you do. You’re a wonderful resource for many of us in NE TN!

Comment by Martha Rubenstein

No, it’s not a new pet, just a ‘friend’. haha And The Simple Times has been replaced by this blog. Thanks for following me!

Comment by simpleintn

Congrats Sam! Site looks good…looking forward to reading your posts. Glad you decided to keep writing.


Comment by Elizabeth Jones

Very nice Sam…I look forward to read more!

Comment by Cassa

This is great, Sam!
We had collected so many books on simple living that we were thinking of building a room on the back of the house just for the books….
but now I can just follow along on your new blog! 🙂
Glad you decided to do this!


Comment by Ron Edins

Go Sam!

Comment by tammy Fletcher

Kudos to you Sam! Aren’t you the high tech wonder, all blogging and stuff. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks for doing this!

Comment by Patty Jo

Love your new blog! Looking forward to following along.
Go Girl!


Comment by Karen West

Loved your post, Sam! Made me want to join you at Bays Mountain one day soon.


Comment by AdviCoach Tennessee

Sam, my friend, you have taught me so much. Who knew you could look that good with a pig in your arms. I count you as one of my top 10 influencers in my life, I love you madly and so enjoy the view you provide in your journey. Natalie

Comment by Natalie

WOW Mom! Your blog is very cool. I hope you get a million followers; but more importantly, I hope they actually follow some
of the things that you know are good for all of us! Love ya tons!

Comment by Amy

I’m so glad you’re still blogging. I have missed them! Thank you for sending the option to follow these! Liz

Comment by liz

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