Happy Trails to You
February 21, 2012, 10:07 PM
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I had an old friend visiting here from her new home in New York City, come for lunch today. We ate spicy black bean chili and blue corn bread made from some heirloom ‘Hopi Blue Corn’ I grew and dried, along with canned peaches for ‘dessert’. Don’t you love it when you feel comfortable enough with folks that you don’t feel the need to fix something special when they come, don’t need to put out the good china, or dust the table tops? That’s how today’s visit felt. Easy and simple. After lunch she had to leave for another engagement, but it was a sunny, glorious afternoon that I wanted to enjoy outside so I took my dog, Junie B. Jones, and went for a solitary hike on the trails out at Bays Mountain Park. I came home renewed. I only cook once a day, and the chile was ‘it’, so tonight I enjoyed my go-to comfort food: fried eggs and grits. I know I need to maintain a certain balance in my life, so I decided to ‘balance’ the healthy foods I ate for breakfast and lunch with the fried eggs. Just sayin’…

Here’s the point: Good food+Time with friends+Time in Nature on a sunny day in February= A good day. Happy Trails to you too! PS The following video is showing my age. Never mind, it’s timeless:


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