Lettuce Eat Peas
February 23, 2012, 9:20 PM
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Michael wisely covered the soil in one of our empty raised beds a couple of weeks ago with clear plastic to warm the soil faster. He took the soil temp and now it’s over 50 degrees! That-coupled with 72 degrees and sunny here today in my little corner of the world-enticed me to plant sweet peas today- weeks earlier than I ever have before. I figure if there was ever a winter to push the ‘plant early’ envelope, this one is it. If I lose them, I’ll simply replant when we return from our trip to California. While I was at it, I weeded the lettuce and spinach beds, watered everything, and put the cold frame tops back down. I was feeling a bit blue until I got that dirt under my fingernails, and suddenly, the blues lifted and I felt right with the world again. Gardening is a  spiritual practice for me, and coming to the altar in need today certainly lifted me up!

Fall planted spinach

Winter Lettuces Still Going Strong

Peas Please?


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Those are beautiful! I’m still trying to grow spinach, need to get a bunch of rich compost.That lettuce is amazing…care to share varieties when you label your pictures? Yeah for peas, I was going to try planting today but it was really muddy out there. Maybe tomorrow.

Comment by Beth Hill

Sam–I do sooooo here you about the spiritual aspect of working in the soil!!!!!

Comment by Sandy Aldridge

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Comment by Elli Straube

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