Fire Cider
March 4, 2012, 4:02 PM
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A health tonic that works!

   I forget where I found the original recipe for this healthy tonic but I’d like to        share it with you. It’s easy to prepare, and after you get your first batch made,     you can start your second batch right away, since it takes 6-8 weeks to                 steep/ferment/ripen/age. Plus, if you buy too much ginger and horseradish root     for it, like I did, making an immediate second batch will avoid the dreaded ‘F’ word: Food Waste. (What were YOU thinking?)

  This is the most amazing stuff, and after being half way through my first batch, I’m still not sure if I love the taste or hate it, but I take it every morning and I’m convinced that the cold I caught from Michael a few weeks ago was shortened considerably by doing so… he doesn’t take the stuff, and after 3 weeks, he STILL has a bit of cough from that cold. Mine only lasted about 4 days, and only the first 2 days were bad. I think it was the fire cider because the stuff is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients.

This is a recipe for good health if ever there was one. Don’t say I never gave you anything:


1 quart Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 cup Horseradish root grated

1/8 cup of Garlic chopped

1/2 cup of Onion chopped

1/2 cup of Ginger grated

1 tsp Cayenne

1 tsp ground turmeric

1/2 cup honey, preferably local and raw


Place all ingredients in a quart jar and cover with Apple Cider Vinegar.

Cover tightly.

Steep for 6-8 weeks on a dark shelf or buried in the backyard maybe

Strain into clean jar. The instructions suggested using cheese cloth, but a fine mesh strainer worked much better for me. (Don’t feed the leavins’ to the worms, they’ll never forgive you!) They also instructed me to store in a cool, dry place, for 8 months,, but I keep mine in the refrigerator. The vinegar acts as a preservative so refrigeration isn’t necessary.

I drink a large tablespoonful each morning. Shake first!

I found the following information on-line, so you know it must be true 😉 but I can’t personally vouch for these uses. I will say though, that I’d be hard pressed to rub it on my skin. Once strained, it’s thin and would run everywhere, but you might be able to melt a little bees wax in with it to thicken it enough to form a more paste like substance. I’d sure love to hear from anyone that tries any of the following-whether the suggested use works or not!

How to Use Your Fire Cider?

~ Rub into sore muscles and aching joints.

~ Soak a clean cloth in Fire Cider to place on a congested chest.

~ Drink it straight or diluted in a bit of water or tomato juice.Start out with a tsp or so to test your tolerance level.

~ Mix with a bit of honey to ease a cough.

Individual tolerance to the heat will vary so you and your family will want to experiment with quantity.

I once knew a woman in her late 80’s who snorted small amounts from a spoon to clean out her nasal passages! (If you try this one especially, let me know, lord, please let me know!) Just sayin…


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i will try this one….do you or any of your friends know a less expensive way to feed birds? (beside mother nature). i buy bird seed from costco which is great with no fillers..the stuff at walmart has fillers such as wood, etc. they love the bird seed i buy,however, i would love to find a way to stretch out what i am getting. i pay $19.99 for 40 lbs. which is lasting 2 weeks.

Comment by debbie

Debbie I don’t feed them in the summer and fall because I feel there’s plenty for them to eat naturally during that time. I can’t afford to feed them year round either!

“Maybe a person’s time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food.”


Comment by simpleintn

I’ve got everything but the horseradish root. I’ve wondering if you can make it without that. Anyway, this looks very interesting! Thanks Sam.

Comment by Cassa

After reading up on horseradish, I think it is the most important ingredient in the recipe. And I think the flavor would be seriously compromised without it. Just sayin.

“Maybe a person’s time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food.”


Comment by simpleintn

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