Just in time for Easter
March 28, 2012, 9:13 PM
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If you’re a flockster like me (that’s a new term for someone that owns their own flock of chickens), or if you buy fresh eggs from your nearby local flockster, you have no doubt tried to hardboil and then peel fresh eggs. And if so, you have no doubt resorted to getting pliers and chain saws out in order to get that shell off. You just can’t peel a fresh egg! UNLESS you use this handy tip that I tried myself today. If you steam the fresh eggs for 15 minutes, rather than boiling them, the shell will come off that fresh egg  as easily as it does off those weeks-old eggs you buy in the stores! Just fill your regular veggie steamer with water, add the eggs to the steamer basket, and put a lid on it. Full steam ahead for 15 minutes. Once they’re cooled you can peel them easily. It’s that simple. Just sayin’…

PS Yes, those ARE green and pale blue eggs you see in the steamer, from my Ameraucana hens. Sign me, “Sam I am, I like green eggs and ham!”


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Brilliant! Thanks for this tip, Sam.

Comment by Rosemary

That’s great to know…I was wondering what I’ve been doing wrong. Didn’t know there was a difference between fresh and not-so-fresh eggs. You learn something new every day!

Comment by Cassa

And for those who haven’t learned this simple trick for peeling boiled eggs, I promise you it will change the way you do that little task forever!

#1 – Not essential, but advisable. After the eggs have finished cooking thoroughly, immerse them in cold running water for a few minutes. This separates the membrane from the inside of the shell slightly.

#2 – Crack the shell all over by tapping it with the back of a spoon, then rolling it on the countertop.

#3 – Using a regular teaspoon, slip the front edge of the spoon into the shell at either end and slide it in under the shell. Pry it up gently, and the shell starts to shuck off, easy as pie.

I’ve actually taken a whole shell off in close to one piece using this simple method Enjoy! ,

Comment by Sandy Westin

And you can dye them for Easter with your beets and blueberries

Comment by Kim Lee

Have you ever tried that Kim? Just wondering how well it would work?

Comment by simpleintn

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