It was an epic day!
April 1, 2012, 7:33 PM
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I decided to take this Sabbath to do something I don’t ordinarily do: go shopping. I needed to buy a birthday gift for a 6 year old, pick up some groceries, and get a new outfit for Easter. First stop: Walmart, of course! I just had to share with you what I bought for the birthday child-The Playmobil Apple Store! PLAYMOBIL™ iStore includes amazingly tiny iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads that kids from one to ninety two will have hours of fun ‘shopping’ for. There’s even a  tiny Steve Jobs presenting in the Keynote Theater on the top floor. I know it smacks of consumerism, but I feel strongly that the interactive play this set will provide will give my little friend a step up in the real world as she begins to navigate the ins and outs of Apple life.

Next up on my shopping list: My beautiful new Easter dress! The sales lady assured me it’s very stylish, the perfect color AND the long skirt can be removed via the waistlines’ velcro closure, enabling me to wear the swimsuit underneath later this summer.

I did NOT buy the matching veil, since I figured I could save some money by braiding my hair with a lavender ribbon that I already own instead. If nothing, I am a conscientious and frugal shopper!

With the gift and clothes shopping out of the way, I began the -ugh- grocery shopping. But I was thrilled to find a new, and oh-so-rare, healthy product that I’d only seen on TV before today! Have you eaten this stuff?  It is, as the label suggests, ‘Supreme’. And yes, the birthday girl chose it instead of  unhealthy ice cream to go with her birthday cake!

With all my shopping completed, I rushed to the party, but I accidentally dropped my cell phone in the “bobbing-for-money” tub that my friend had set up for this event. It seems bobbing for apples is SO 1950’s … Now well-intentioned parents put silver half dollar coins in these little soft plastic banks, and float them in the water. One lucky bobber gets a gold piece in his or her bank!

Back to my wet phone:  I hate to admit it, but I canNOT go a single day without that little lifesaver, and after seeing all the toy I-Phones in the playset I’d bought, and hearing all the party go-ers oohing and aahing over them, you guessed it-I bought my very first IPhone! I did have to drive over to Sam’s Club to get the best price on it, but by my calculations, the money I saved on the phone, paid for my gasoline to get there so I felt a little better about driving across town. You know, saving money and saving the earth are the most important things to me. I even went out on a limb and talked to my friend about replacing apples with money and what kind of message that sends to those impressionable young minds. She firmly, but sweetly reminded me that the kids drink cups and plates were #2’s and she would be recycling them, so then we both felt better about the plastic banks. Back to my phone: Here it is-the just released  4s-it really is a dream come true for me!  (And no doubt, having it will make me ever so much more attractive and popular, don’t you agree?)

Now I’m sure all of you must be wondering what the hell has gotten into me, but it’s simple really. It’s April Fool’s Day and a bit of silliness is exactly what I needed on this epic day!

PS The only ‘lie’ I told in this whole story was that I saw the ad for the yogurt on TV. I don’t have a TV 😦


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You rascal!! You had me…hook, line and sinker.

Comment by Doug

Me too! I’m sitting here aghast, talking back to the computer. I should have known, if not by the word “shopping” but by “WalMart” for sure! I read it just as text on my email, then clicked through to your blog site. If I’d seen the pictures I might have not gotten so stunned! Good job! Happy April Fools to you too… “)

Comment by elliehjemmet

You had me suckered with the first one, but I was on to you with the dress… Well done prank. Bravo, friend, bravo!

Comment by Rosemary

Good one! I was wrinkling my brow at “I know this smacks of consumerism, but…”

Comment by Lisa

Well done Sam; if I hadn’t seen the pictures, I’m sure I’d have been totally taken in.

Comment by Sandy

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