COOP squawks again!
April 4, 2012, 10:10 PM
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Sorry for the late notice guys but I just wanted to remind ya’ll that the C.O.O.P. group (that’s ‘Chickens On Our Property) is on the agenda again for tomorrow evening’s JC Council meeting, scheduled to begin at 6 PM in the Public Safety Building on E. Main St in downtown Johnson City. We are hopeful that we will be able to arrive at a mutual respectful and beneficial amendment to the city code, allowing those of us that want them to have a small flock of backyard hens. If you too think that having these beautiful creatures is a big step towards your own self-reliance, and towards providing your family with a wholesome source of protein, please show up in force to show your support! We need every one of you to be there as we understand there’s an organized group that has formed that is AGAINST this amendment. We are aware of  the ‘Rethinking  Food’ presentation being given at ETSU tomorrow night at 7 PM, and we don’t want to miss it either, but this amended code is the EXACTLY the type of thing that the ETSU  presentation is about-finding ways that we as individuals, families, and communities can have more food sovereignty and resilience in an uncertain energy future. Come help us win this thing, then we can all go to ETSU and share the good news! 


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Here’s a story about COOP’s meeting with JC Council Thursday night. It’s not entirely accurate since we’re not really asking for a compromise-it is the accurate enforcement of existing city code that we are asking for. But I think we’re on the right path and plan to continue working closely with the zoning and development depts. as well as our city attorney, Mr. James Epps. Stay tuned! PS The ‘organized group’ against city hens was nowhere to be seen. Chickens!!!

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