This ‘n That

This ‘n That  will be a regular feature of this blog-just updates on previously mentioned topics or stuff I think you might want to know about:

  • C.O.O.P. continues it’s efforts to convince our city council to allow its’ citizens to have a small flock of backyard hens. The local newspapers reported our appearance at the April council meeting as ending in a 3-2 ‘victory’ for us. We wish. It was actually just a vote to keep the current wording of the city code, then changing the zoning regulations to match that code. Once the zoning rules are changed, THEN 3 of 5 council will have to vote YES at  3 separate public readings! We have a way to go, but with the positive publicity we’ve  already seen an uptick in requests for us to offer more Urban Henkeeping classes. Stay tuned…

  • One of my beehives swarmed on Saturday, but those that remain seem to be raising a new queen already. I love that they take that ‘leap of faith’ and strike out with their old queen to find a new home-not knowing where their new home will be, nor where their next meal will come from. Seems careless, but is very very fundamental to their survival in nature.
  • The Carver Peace Garden still has 2 extra plots available: 15′ x 20′- $15.00 for the year. Water and tools furnished. If interested, let me know or pass this along to someone that might be.
  • Earth Day festivities at Carver Park include workshops on composting, monarch butterflies, vermiculture and a program about ‘Marakwet’-a clean water project in Africa. It begins at 10 AM, with lunch offered by the Rotary Club at noon, followed by the annual interfaith ‘Blessing of the Garden’ being performed by my own minister, Rev. Jacqueline Luck at 1 PM. After our plots have been properly blessed, those that want to, will begin planting. Come early, stay as long as you like!
  • Yesterday was the first day of practicing ‘bread labor’ (see post from April 14th). I got a lot accomplished and wasn’t tempted at all by diversions (because all of my work was outside). Michael and I prepared our beds and paths in our Community Garden plot, then I came home and planted out all the flower transplants that were getting too scraggly in their tiny pots. Zinnias and cosmos and nasturtiums, oh my!
  • After reading my post about ‘Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes’, I have several people helping me fold origami paper cranes to be sent to the Japanese memorial in August. Care to fold a few with us? Let’s have a party! I need 1,000!
  • New research suggests that the more stuff we buy, the unhappier we become. And the more unhappy we are, the more we go shopping. Bummer. I’m happy to report that I’m happy 🙂

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A correlary would be, the more we share, the happier we are. Thank you for sharing your blog, Sam!

Comment by elliehjemmet

I shoulda looked it up FIRST… *corollary* –I KNEW that didn’t look right!

Comment by elliehjemmet

well I was unhappy today so I went shopping. Yes it did not work but…. I found a book at LOWES on Raising Chickens and one on Raising Goats. Did not expect that at Lowes. I may go back for the Goat one.

Comment by Kim Lee

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