That Which Sustains Us
April 21, 2012, 8:38 PM
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The picture above was taken while we were in California last month. I’m hugging a giant redwood. The camera simply can’t do justice to such a magnificent tree! But nature is made up of so much more than the in-your-face mountains and oceans, desserts and redwoods. It’s also about earthworms and soil, seeds and sunshine, honeybees and baby rabbits. Today Michael and I went to the Earth Day celebration at the Carver Peace Community Garden, complete with music, kids, food, butterfly nets and, yes, baby rabbits, that were found almost hidden in their nest at the edge of one of the garden plots. The picture below doesn’t do this tiny creature any justice either, but look how loving and reverent the kids are being with it! They were as awed by that tiny creature as I was of the giant redwoods…

Michael and I chose today to plant our community garden plot to a ‘Three Sisters’ garden: corn, beans and squash. The Native Americans depended on this holy trilogy of food plants to keep their families well fed, and so will we. The squash seed we used is a traditional southern favorite called ‘Green Striped Cushaw’ that we just discovered last fall, the beans are an heirloom variety called “Blue Lake” that we’ve had great success with in the past, and we chose a bicolor hybrid (NOT to be confused with Genetically Modified!) corn this year, called “Peaches and Cream”. We also took part in the annual ‘Blessing of the Garden’ before planting, so hopefully, our efforts will be a success 😉 

All this Earth Day stuff is great, and I’m obviously a big fan, but I really hope folks will embrace the idea that taking care of  ‘that which sustains us’ is something we can  all do, every single day of our lives. We must tend to it and protect it,  just like we do with our families, homes, and gardens or anything else that we cherish. Why is it that we abuse and take for granted that which provides us with all that we need for life? I’m beginning to think that people really just don’t get it…

A couple of years ago I went to an Earth Day event at a different local park: the guests were served hotdogs, snack sized bags of chips, bottled water, canned sodas and individually wrapped brownies for dessert-all on foam plates with plastic utensils. There weren’t even any recycling bins to accept the leftover bottles and cans! The message was  “Go Green! Save energy! Produce less trash! Reduce, reuse, recycle!” But what we all heard was, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

It’s really not so hard; we can take better care of our Earthly home, not just on Earth Day, but every  day. Just as the corn, beans and squash in our new garden work together to improve the soil and to grow in conjunction with one another, we too can work together to improve the health of our living planet. Stay tuned…


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