Every Day is Earth Day!
April 22, 2012, 10:09 PM
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As warned  in yesterday’s post, I simply feel compelled to write a bit more on this  Earth Day. You’d think after 42 years of recognizing this annual event, we’d be living in a cleaner, greener world. A world where those of us that know better (read: Americans in particular) would all be doing our part by now to conserve what’s left of the earth’s finite resources, and living in a sustainable way that doesn’t exploit what’s left. NOT! This post probably WON’T leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, but I’m hoping it will leave you inspired enough to do something to heal the scars we’ve inflicted on our planet. Many of these actions are easy to do, others are more difficult and still others may be unthinkable to some. 

And here, in no particular order, are some things we can all do to begin the healing:

  • Start a compost pile AND a worm bin using your food, yard and animal wastes. Use the resulting compost and castings to enrich your soil and your life
  • Grow some food and then learn to preserve it
  • Take a refillable water bottle or coffee mug with you every time you leave your house
  •  Eat a plant based diet, or better yet, go meatless (starting with Meatless Mondays?)
  • Turn off unused everything: even your energy saving lights, tvs and appliances, fans, heaters, air conditioners and  especially idling cars. They’re not saving energy if they’re still on!
  •  Reduce your energy needs and then reduce them again. And again. Save some for your great grandkids 
  • Practice some form of birth control-if the world’s population isn’t slowed, we’re all S.O.L.
  • Insulate and caulk
  • Eat Locally Grown Food and get to know your farmer
  • Compost your own humanure
  • Flush less
  • Drive Less
  • Buy Less
  • Eat Less
  • Ride your bike, walk and take public transportation whenever you can
  • Conserve water: install low flow shower heads and faucets, add a rain barrel, wash full loads of clothes and dishes, shower less, pee in the shower, wear your clothes till they’re dirty for heaven’s sakes, fix drips, mulch anything you grow, install a cistern, use your gray water for watering plants, and forget washing your car (I can hear my son in law groaning all the way from Ohio on this one!)
  • Hang your laundry outside in the summer, on racks in the winter
  • Dispose of disposables
  • Use those cloth tote bags!
  • Invest in alternative energy- for your home, your cooking, your transportation (why are Peace Corp workers introducing solar ovens to third world countries? Why doesn’t our own government do the same here?)
  • Get to know your neighbors- share tools, rides, food, chores and security
  • Buy Fair Trade tea, coffee and chocolate, wild caught seafood, and organic, non GMO products
  • Consider donating to or supporting environmental justice causes-beginning with The Scenic TN Vistat Protection act that is being studied by our state legislature this summercivil disobedience may be in order!
  • Reduce and Reuse FIRST- recycle it if all else fails

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many many other ideas that may help us clean up the mess we’ve made of our Earth.  Please submit any that you think of, I’ll post ’em! And remember, Earth Day really is every day!


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Great points that most people aren’t doing yet. It makes me want to start saving our bath water to water the plants! And remember… if it’s yellow keep it mellow.

Comment by stephanieough

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