Living the (Frugal) Good Life
April 28, 2012, 8:55 PM
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My life is sweet. I have enough. Enough space, enough food, enough money, enough of all that I need, and lots that I don’t. A couple of weeks ago I shared with you  that I’d recently reread “Living the Good Life”.  Since I posted that, I have come to realize that  I’m living the good life too. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve had a great trip to Nashville to visit daughter #2, played some fun gigs with our old-time string band,  hiked in these beautiful Appalachians with my sweet hubs, had a nice time at the community garden on Earth Day, had friends over for soup and singing, spent quality time with my bees and chickens, won an online book giveaway and found a valid $50 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond inside a brand new, still in the box, long-wished-for Oxo salad spinner I’d purchased at a second-hand thrift store! Then today, I spotted this little beauty hiding under a leaf in the greenhouse:

This is a sure sign of all the abundance I enjoy in my life, with more to come soon! And even though EverybodyElse has set their tomatoes and peppers out already, we still don’t plan to for about another week, just in case we get any more chilly nights. The three Stupice plants you see here trellised on jute strings in the greenhouse, will provide us with plenty until the big heirlooms and romas begin ripening later in June.

The lettuce and arugula we’ve planted under the tomatoes are shaded by them, keeping it cool enough to give us  salads and BLT’s in May, long after our outdoor lettuce has bolted.  A big part of my good life depends on being frugal, and NOTHING makes my day like a good buy. Another bonus this week was finding Morning Star Farms Bacon Strips for 99 cents a box this week at the discount grocery. My freezer now has enough fakin’ bacon to see us through the whole BLT season. Life is good indeed.


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[…] A friend of mine recently blogged about finding a deal on a long coveted salad spinner at a thrift store.  Unpacking it from the original box, she discovered a congratulatory wedding card that had a $50 gift card tucked inside.  That bride had regifted big time, and didn’t even know it! Check out her post here. […]

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