Time Out in The Chicken Chair
May 12, 2012, 2:55 PM
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Continuing on with the chicken theme from yesterday…

Being a flockster (which is a hipster word for those of us that keep a flock of backyard chickensthanks for the hipster tip daughter #2)  is fun, easy and provides me with many benefits. Eggs are the best.bartering.item.ever. Not to mention they’re an easy, healthy and cheep 😉 way to get plenty of protein into my plant-based diet. Hens make good pets, and are far less trouble and expense than my beloved dog Junie. IF I were a meat eater, no doubt raising broiler hens would be my go-to source for white meat. But, you know what I like best about tending a flock? My chicken chair…

OK, not the chair itself, but the TIME IN THE CHAIR. I am ‘time out’ deprived. My parents just believed in spanking me rather than the ‘time outs’ (is that another hipster term?)  that today’s children get to enjoy experience. I so wish they had ‘sentenced me to the chair’ instead. But I’ve discovered it’s magic all on my own since starting my little flock and am always renewed after time spent in it. I love watching the birds dust-bathing-what a sight!- scratching for bugs or squawking proudly as they strut down the ramp leading from the coop to tell the world they’ve just laid another egg.

Sitting in my admittedly ugly but oh-so-comfy chicken chair, with a cup of tea, a good book, or my journal and  pen are all I need to feel rested and ready to squawk to MY world that everything’s gonna be all right. In this too-busy life we all seem to lead, it’s important, nay, NECESSARY, to have time outs. This blog is all about building resilience in the face of all the adversity in our world. Do YOU have a chicken chair in your life? A place you can go to get away, to relax and renew your spirit? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!


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For my 40th, a good friend gave me a red camping chair with the words “A place to rest” Sharpie’d on the back. I still think of her words & how I needed a literal reminder back then to just stop my momentum. I like your chicken chair!

Comment by overtlysimple

Wow! I need a chicken chair! Yours looks comfy 🙂

Comment by Bibliopharm

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