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June 3, 2012, 9:17 PM
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It’s time once again for a little of this and a little of that. I do this because sometimes I think I’d like to share something with you but it’s just a little tip or idea and certainly not enough to write a whole blog about. So when I get a ‘blog’s worth’ of those ideas, I roll ’em all into one post. Here’s this week’s:

SAVE THOSE EGG SHELLS! I keep mine in an old tin pie pan that I keep in the oven. When it gets way full, I run the unwashed, dried shells  through my little mini food processor and then store them in a covered container. When we plant our tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, we mix about a half cup or so of ground eggshells in the bottom of each planting hole, and it provides the plant roots with a slow release calcium source during the whole growing season. Blossom end rot on these fruits occurs when the plants are low on calcium and since we’ve been doing this, we hardly EVER have that problem anymore!



One more thought: The reason I keep my pie pan in the oven is because after I’ve used the oven to bake something, putting the shells in there helps them dry without my having to actually use extra fossil fuel energy to do so. Residual heat is free and dries them well and they crush a lot better if they’re dried first. If you’re a flockster like me, you can also feed crushed shells to your chickens-just spread ’em on the ground or in the coop bedding. The ground shells will also provide your girls with calcium that will make their shells harder and is far more sustainable than buying oyster shell for them. Since I don’t have enough shells with just me eating eggs through the year to use them both in the garden AND in the chicken yard, I’m not able to do this. But if you’ve got a family’s worth of eggshells you should have enough to do both! Or ask your neighbor to save their eggshells for you if they’re just throwing them away. Eggshells compost easily too. Just sayin…

$SAVING MONEY$  We save our coins throughout the year, or until our crock gets full. In the past, we’d then take the coins to a Coin Star machine to ‘cash them in’. The machine is slow and keeps 10% of the total. Last week we took our stash of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters to our local bank and they counted them out using their machine in only a minute or two AND didn’t charge us to do so. We saved $22.60 doing it this way! The only requirement is that you have the money directly deposited into your bank account. Not all banks have the machines so you’d need to check with yours first before hauling YOUR crock ‘o money all over town.

WALK SCORE.COM     Walk Score is a large-scale, public access walkability index that assigns a numerical walkability score to any address in Australia, Canada, the United States. I plugged in the address of our current home and got a walk score of zero-out of 100 possible points. I then entered the address of our new home we’re moving into in a few weeks, and it got a walk score of 87! From ‘Car Dependent’ to ‘Very Walkable’ makes us sure we’ve found the right place to live a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Check it out. It will even show you nearby amenities such as restaurants, shopping, doctors offices, and so forth. The site has even started a ‘Bike Score’ and a ‘Public Transit Score’.

I hope you gardeners and farmer’s market shoppers are enjoying all the season has to offer. This cooler weather has prolonged our harvests of greens, lettuces and peas. We’re eating the kale and collards fresh as fast as we can, but today I dried a BUNCH of the kale to add to soups and other dishes next winter. Here’s today’s pickins’…

That’s it for this edition of little things. Remember, little things add up!


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