New habits in a new home
June 26, 2012, 6:58 AM
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We begin our long awaited move from the country to the city today and no doubt I’ll be too busy to post for a while, but I did want to make one observation out loud this morning before we begin loading the truck. All these years I thought I was living simply, but I was obviously thinking of Gandhi or a Tibetan monk or someone other than myself because we’ve got enough stuff to fill two houses! I’m turning over a new simplicity leaf though, and plan to continue my decluttering efforts long after the move is completed. A strange thing has taken place over this week-long packing phase; I’ve noticed that the more I get rid of, the easier it’s become to do so. When I first began filling boxes I wanted to hang on to it all. Now, it’s begun to look like so much stuff, rather than treasured belongings. I guess it’s a habit, this letting go-ness. A habit I want to nurture and enforce. Here’s to letting go!


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Much happiness & abundance to you & Michael in your new home! Here’s to letting go…

Comment by overtlysimple

Illusion is a wonderful resource 🙂

Comment by Jerry

It’s pretty amazing how much life plaque most of us accumulate in the corners and pits of our homes. I’m glad to hear you’re coming around to timely divestment (responsible is assumed with you!). There’s no need to make your home a personal landfill site. It’s going to go somewhere when you die. Might as well get it out now, learn from the experience, and get on with some livin’.

Comment by Kirk

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