My Slightly Crunchy Life

I was told today that I am ‘CRUNCHY’. For the uninitiated, ‘crunchy’, as defined in the ‘Urban Dictionary’, is used to describe “persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. Crunchy persons tend to be politically strongly left-leaning and may be additionally but not exclusively categorized as vegetarians, vegans, eco-tarians, conservationists, environmentalists, neo-hippies, tree huggers, nature enthusiasts, etc. Also used to describe establishments where alternative foods and products are sold, i.e. natural food stores.” So, I’m taking the comment as a compliment.

I have definitely altered my lifestyle recently, partially  for environmental reasons, by moving from the country to a walkable neighborhood near downtown. I’m relearning how to use my feet and my bike to get around now, I’m a vegetarian, a tree hugger, a gardener and a left-leaner but I am NOT a neo-hippie, which the same dictionary defines as ‘modern day suburban pot heads that play a lot of hacky sack’. For what it’s worth, I don’t know how to play hacky sack 😉

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’ll share some recent crunchy things at my house:

Have you tried grilled peaches? These babies are filled with my homemade blackberry jam and they top my list of favorite foods. I hear grilled pineapple is excellent too. Have you tried this yet? Is this considered crunchy?

Speaking of good food, we had company for supper last night and enjoyed chile made from our homegrown beans, tomatoes, peppers and onions along with this blue cornbread, made from the Indian Blue Dent corn I grew last summer. I’ll admit, the cornbread was dense and chewy, with a  crunchy crust actually- just the way I like it. I love using my grandmother’s cast iron skillet to make it in. No pan in my collection equals it, and it’s probably 75 years old.  Simple, healthy meals shared with good friends and home-made music or board games like ‘Quirkle’ are some of the best of times in my opinion. Can you say “Crunchy Quirkle” five times, really fast? Me neither.


How many peppers did Peter Piper pick? I have no idea, but Michael and  I picked a five gallon bucket full out at Larry Thompson Farms over the weekend. This afternoon I diced and froze some of the bell peppers, put the hot ones in the dehydrator, and will pickle some of the mild banana peppers tomorrow. I sure hope they don’t get soggy, and that they’ll remain…wait for it- CRUNCHY!

Another friend had asked me on Friday if she could borrow my Excalibur dehydrator this week to dry some of her peppers. I fully intended to share it with her tomorrow, after mine had finished drying, but that was before I went to the ‘Tree Streets Annual Yard Sale” on Saturday morning. Look what I picked up for her there,  for just four dollars! A perfect way to start dehydrating on her own, and a great bargain, since their website sells this model for $129! A crunchy deal if there ever was one!

I’ll say it again: If we collectively plan and act early enough, we can create a way of living that’s significantly more connected, more vibrant and more fulfilling than the one we find ourselves in today. Now is the time for us to take stock and to start re-creating our future in ways that are not based on cheap, plentiful and polluting oil but on localized food, sustainable energy sources, resilient local economies and an enlivened sense of community well-being. My choices of growing and preserving food, composting, recycling, staying closer to home, hanging my clothes to dry and being frugal with my money, all while supporting local businesses and community building, isn’t a hysterical response  to Peak everything, but a slightly crunchy lifestyle that I cherish. Who knew?


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I remember someone telling me I was “crunchy granola” once. Asked what it meant & was told “You know – the type that makes their own granola!”

I also remember sharing your awesome grilled peaches with a dab of preserves baked in. Yum!

Enjoying the blog very much.


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