I’ve finally completed this year’s requirements for my Master Gardener certification, and if I can stick with it, in two more years I’ll be eligible for lifetime status. I’m far more impressed with the honeybees lifetime commitment to making honey. The worker bees only live an average of a few weeks in the summer, because they literally ‘work themselves to death’ flying from morning til nightfall gathering pollen and nectar and doing their share to keep the hive alive. The hours that I put into the Master Gardener program pale in comparison. Look at that honey on my pantry shelf-it really is liquid gold-and I try not to waste a single drop. The young couple that bought our old house this summer wanted my hives as part of the deal, so I’m grateful the ‘girls’ got to stay in their old digs, but I miss them a lot. Anyone wanting a hand with extracting their honey, or with helping prepare their hives for winter in exchange for a bit of honey?  As a gardener and a slightly crunchy environmentalist, I always like helping our pollinators! Plus, such an exchange of labor for gold would be a su-weet deal for both of us! Let me know if you’re interested…

Speaking of a sweet deal: One Acre Cafe is coming to downtown Johnson City! This is a newly formed non-profit program whose mission is to address the issues of food insecurity experienced daily by an estimated 20 percent of East Tennessee residents by providing sufficient, safe and nutritious meals in an environment where all members of the community can “eat what they want and pay what they can.”  Let me repeat that: “eat what they want and pay what they can.Pay.It.Forward. in action.

Like the new Farm Cafe that recently began operations in nearby in Boone, N.C.,  the new One Acre Cafe will focus on three key elements, job training, volunteerism and community cooperation.

Diners could be me or anyone who comes in to see what’s up in this community or it could be an individual who cannot afford a meal at all but can work one hour at the cafe  in exchange for their meal, according to a recent article in the Johnson City Press.

To eliminate food waste, the cafe will offer meals in three proportions, at prices ranging from $5 to $10 that those who can afford to pay will know is going to positively impact the life of someone less fortunate.

Everyone will be welcome to eat at the cafe regardless of their ability to pay and will be given an opportunity to gain job skills and experience in food service and restaurant management.

Read more: http://johnsoncitypress.com/News/article.php?id=101850#ixzz26I6ixMao
This new program has a booth at the newly begun Farmer’s Market held each Thursday on the ETSU campus, and they have a Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Acre-Cafe/360162437380893 This is EXACTLY the kind of community and resilience building that’s needed to help us as we transition to a lower energy world in which we face continuing economic uncertainties, Peak Everything, as well as rising fuel and food prices. Everybody eats: su-weet!
Although not officially a US TRANSITION TOWN (*yet) we seem to be on the right track here in our little corner of NE Tennessee towards becoming one. I’ll be writing more about that next week, but for now my focus will be on the  Rhythm and Roots Festival being held this weekend in Bristol. The old time band that I play bass for, The Roan Mountain Moonshiners, is playing there Saturday at 1:30 and Sunday at 4:30. I hope you’ll come out and hear our homegrown, mountain music and say hello. A full weekend ticket is only $50 through tomorrow- su-weet!

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