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September 25, 2012, 3:13 PM
Filed under: Buy Local, Time Savers, Urban Living

I know I sometimes sound like a broken record, but if we hear a message enough, it tends to sink in eventually. I wanted to share a recent experience with you that I thought may influence your next buying decision. I get a monthly prescription, and have been getting it at Walmart, for $6.86. Refilling it monthly involves driving there to pick it up, waiting in a usually long line, and also usually involves some kind of ‘impulse’ purchase too- “Oh, I NEED to get …” (fill in the blank here)

As you know by now, I’m all about supporting our local farmers and businesses, but at the same time, I expect a certain degree of personal convenience and a price at least somewhat comparable to what I’ve previously paid at other places. During the exploration of my new neighborhood, I’d begun to notice a little drugstore tucked away in a nondescript shopping strip, a mere 5 minute walk from my kitchen door (I timed it). So, I took my pill bottle and insurance card into them and told them I’d LIKE to transfer my RX, but that I’d been getting it at Walmart, and though I didn’t expect them to match the Walmart price, I was curious what it might cost. They very graciously (and immediately I might add!) called my insurance company, then quoted  me their price of $6.17! That’s right, 69 cents less than the big box! So, I made the switch-just.like.that. I didn’t have to drive there, and I didn’t have to wait when I came back later to pick it up. At 33 mpg, and the nearest Walmart 8 miles and many redlights  away, I figure I also saved about $1.75 in gasoline in addition to the 69 cents savings, and about an hour’s time too. One more thing… while in the drugstore (http://www.mooneyspharmacy.com/) I did a quick price comparison of some vitamins and local honey-uh huh, GREAT prices and service with a smile! Check out YOUR nearest small business-maybe you’ll have a pleasant surprise too, all the while helping to keep those mom and pop operations going strong. Just sayin’…


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Sam, I must have hit the wrong button the first time so we will see if this goes through.

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