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February 24, 2013, 10:05 PM
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Once again, I’ve got a number of things on my mind, none of which would make a complete post here, but collectively, add up to some kind of whole at least.

I’m doing more and more Asian/Indian cooking these days, because their way of eating focuses on grains and veggies, with a tiny piece of meat or fish used almost like an afterthought. This kind of plant-based eating appeals to Michael and me because it’s healthy for us, it’s more frugal to eat this way, and it’s certainly more sustainable for our planet. This new-to-me way of eating is a far cry from the deep-fried diet of meat and potatoes that Paula Dean and I grew fat up on. I’ve been on a steep learning curve, but I’ve discovered a couple of things that have saved me some time and money (and really, it doesn’t get any better than that does it?)

Did you know you can freeze fresh ginger? Growing up in the deep south, ‘Ginger’ was a girl’s name, not something you ate. Ever. But it turns out that if you peel the root then wrap it in waxed paper, and slip that into a freezer container, you can then remove it from the freezer when you need it and slice off a chunk the size you need. Frozen ginger is pretty easy to slice, and easier to grate than fresh! And after grating my knuckles one too many times, I got a ginger grater, which I really enjoy using. Because it’s a well made and simple tool,  has no batteries or moving parts, I’ll have it the rest of my life I’m sure. Just sayin’…


Speaking of ginger, I’ve been reading about that it’s not as hard to grow as I once thought, so I’m going to start some in a pot this spring and see what happens. Freezing will kill the plant, so by planting it in a pot, I can bring it inside each winter. That might become one less thing to add to my grocery list. If you’ve got any experience growing ginger, I hope you’ll share it in the comments section below.

Another item used often in my new favorite way of cooking is curry powder. The mixes I found weren’t to my liking, and pricey to boot, so I made up the following recipe and it’s got just enough ‘heat’ for me and a great flavor. By the way, buying fresh spices in bulk online saves me a bundle. Just sayin’…


Homemade Curry Powder (medium heat)

4 tsp cumin powder

3 1/2 tsp coriander powder

1 tsp. ginger

2 tsp. turmeric

1/4 tsp cayenne or chili powder

Now, on a completely different track, I wanted to share with you some repurposed things I’ve been having fun with lately. The first was making tote bags from empty 40 lb bird seed bags. Use a Micro Tex needle and nylon thread for this. I spent a fun snowy afternoon with a bird feeding friend recently and we made this. You can find directions all over the internet so I won’t repeat them here, but these are durable, cool looking totes. Just sayin’…

bird seed tote

I was at a local thrift store recently and saw a bed skirt/dust ruffle in a cheerful blue and yellow print that reminded me of a dear friend’s kitchen. This friend had celebrated a milestone in her life recently and I had been trying to come up with something special for her to commemorate the occasion. So, I bought the skirt for 50 cents and made this for her in less time than it would’ve taken me to ‘go shopping’ for a gift. I didn’t have a pattern, I just wrapped it around me and cut where I thought I should. Turns out, I’ve got enough of it left to make 3 or 4 more just like it. Not a bad way to say “you’re special” for just about a dime, eh?  Just sayin’…


OK, so what do all these things have in common? Seemingly not much. BUT! creating a way of living that’s based on self-reliance, creativity and frugality will enable us to re-create and transition to a future in ways that aren’t based on cheap, plentiful oil, but on our own skills. Whether it’s sewing, cooking, repairing things or making new ones, those skills will save you money and will enable you to be far more resilient during hard times. Just sayin’…


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Sam, I forwarded this to a friend who seems to think that I’m the ONLY ONE who doesn’t put every reusable thing in the garbage/landfill! You are such a wonderful inspiration!

Comment by Deanna Richardson

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