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July 1, 2013, 10:12 PM
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Well, ‘F’ used to mean ‘Failure’ but thinking about it in this new context gives ‘F’ a whole new meaning! Just for fun I decided to keep track last week of some of the normal, every day things I do to help stretch our  income. I thought I’d share them with you here, in hopes that it will inspire you or give you some of your own ideas. So, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉

1. Donated Blood at the Red Cross, and received coupons for a free frozen yogurt from Marble Slab Creamery AND a coupon for 6 free games of bowling


2. Stopped at Starbucks on my way to give blood and walked out with a big ole’ bag of coffee grounds to add to my compost pile

August 2010 028

3. Fed my friend’s chickens and cats while she was away on vacation in exchange for 2-3 freshly laid eggs a day, along with orders to harvest the fast- growing zuchinnis, yellow squash and cucumbers from her garden each day


4. Took my car for an oil change and was given a free car wash in the deal


5. And finally, peeled an uncanceled stamp off a piece of mail and reused it. What? You don’t do that? All I can say is, “why not”?

So dear readers, what ‘eFFin’ Frugal things do you do to stretccchhhh your income? Please share in the comments section below.


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I do my grocery shopping on Tuesday’s at Kroger since it’s Old People’s Day (my term), with 5% off purchases for folks over 55 yrs old; after shopping, I head to Earth Fare to get the chicken dinner, which I split in half and make two meals out of; then I use the Kroger points I earn to buy discounted gas to fill my vehicles. Oh, yeah, I also cut my dryer sheets in half to make them last twice as long.

Comment by Kae Robbins

There’s the old one from Voluntary Simplicity days…catching the water in the shower while it’s getting warm…to use watering house or outside plants in a dry year. I also catch the water from the sink before I wash dishes…same purpose. Gather plastic numbers 1-7 and take them to a friend in Kingsport to recycle in their new HUGE bins. Take clean plastic bags to the Salvation Army on Stone Dr in Kingsport for recycling. I use an outside clothesline year round. When I HAVE to wash something on a rainy day, I use wooden drying racks inside.

Comment by Deanna Richardson

I had no idea about the coffee grounds at Starbucks’s. I called our local one and they do this. I’ll go there tomorrow for some free compost feeding material. Thanks! Frugal is good, I love it.

Comment by sarasinart

Our latest environmental measure (which also is a frugal measure) is creating an outdoor solar shower. We built a small enclosure last year and this year we’ve built a solar batch hot water heater and plumbed it. The first day was so exciting! We had not expected to need to plumb in cold water because we didn’t expect the batch heater to get as hot as a regular hot water heater. Big miscalculation! It was so hot we definitely needed cold plumbed in so that it could be mixed. It’s now up-and-running and it’s just a pleasure to know that we’re bringing our electricity usage down by a large percentage. The sun does it for us and, since heating water is hugely energy intensive, it’s having a big impact on our environmental footprint. And, it wasn’t all that difficult to do! The technology has been around for years. If anyone’s interested, there are probably a lot of different designs available on line. If not, we got our plans through OSU (Oregon).

Comment by Sandy Aldridge

Sandy, is the shower enclosure itself outside or just the batch heater? I know your place is remote enough to have it outside if you choose, and that would certainly save on plumbing too, but just curious. At our old house in the country, I had a 5 gallon solar shower bag hanging on the south side of the house that I would often shower under but there was NO WAY I could be seen by neighbors. I could do the same in my urban neighborhood now as long as I had a private enclosure- I simply had not thought of that! duhhh… Thanks for the idea 😉

Comment by simpleintn

We built the enclosure last year (outside under one of the oak trees) but didn’t have time to finish the plumbing part before Dale’s surgery so that had to wait until this year. We used a solar shower bag last year but we’re in the lap of luxury now–and, since we’re on a southern slope, the water all goes downhill to water plants:)

Comment by Sandy Aldridge

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