The Big “C”
July 21, 2013, 8:27 AM
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I enjoy sharing this blog with all of you, but I really write it for ME…writing helps me sort things out in my head and in my real life. With that, I’m telling you, dear readers, that my beloved husband Michael has been diagnosed with colo-rectal  cancer and will begin intensive chemo and radiation treatments on Monday. The good news is that the doctors are assuring us that they can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Now, don’t go getting your panties in a wad… any of you that know me well, should know by now that humor is my greatest weapon during troubled times, and in a situation like the big “C”, I simply HAVE to find the silver lining, or I’ll feel  defenseless. I’ve already thought of one silver lining to this mess: For as long as we can remember, Michael can walk out the door in the summer, and mosquitoes will instantly land on him and bite him. I’m willing to bet money that once the chemo is running through his blood tomorrow, the mosquitoes will no longer find him tasty. We’re almost out of our current bottle of “Bug Potion #9” so the therapy is beginning just in the nick of time 🙂 Maybe we can even plan a picnic supper down by the lake before the summer’s over.

I intend to be with him every step of the way, but it’s going to require a bit of extra planning on both our parts to not buckle in to eating restaurant meals when neither of us want to cook, and to keep up with our gardening and canning efforts-after all, we’ll still be wanting to eat our familiar and healthy homegrown food long after the cancer treatments are over. The doctors tell us that because Michael IS so healthy otherwise (low blood pressure and cholesterol, no diabetes or heart problems) his chances of beating this are good. We attribute that to a healthy diet and daily exercise. Period.

We’ll be using more gasoline due to the 5x a week radiation treatments at the hospital, more air conditioning to help Michael stay comfortable during his illness, and spending more money on health care bills and prescriptions. To combat these larger daily expenses, I suspect that my blog posts will focus a bit more than usual on frugality, but perhaps even more than that, on finding and sharing ways to become more resilient in our every day lives. For me, that will include paying better attention to my own self care, balancing caregiving with community building (after all, it took ALL the Kings’ horses and All the Kings’ men to put Humpty back together again), and probably exploring new meal ideas for those times when he has no appetite and I don’t want to cook, as well as new waiting room hobbies.

This blog is about transitions, after all, and even though this is a transition we didn’t expect, I’m hoping my grandmother’s old adage will remain true: “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. Boy, are we gonna be strong when this is all over! It’s a new trail we’re blazing here (as it has been for countless others unfortunately) and I hope you’ll join me for the ride. And now, since I don’t take and save pictures for sharing on this blog that are in any way related to ‘The Big C’, I’ll leave you with this link to my favorite You Tube video of all times. It’s so worth the click.


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Your great attitude will do so much to help both of you thru this time. It’s so good that he’s in good health otherwise. Blessings to both of you.

Comment by sarasinart

I love you both, and please call me any time.

Comment by Amanda Finley

I am just up the hill, and at the hospital M-F. If there is ANYTHING (I stress ANYTHING) you need, please, please call me. I won’t hover, to give you your space, but I am here. And I can help. Love you both!

Comment by Kae Robbins

Ron and I will hold you in our thoughts. Quite a curve ball. Wish we lived closer. We could bring you some good food from time to time. Love to you both!

Comment by Cassa

Wow, Sam, your attitude going into this is terrific. I truly believe that attitude is a powerful tool and yours is going to be nothing but helpful to both you and Michael. Thank you so much for writing about this. Though your musings may be for you, you are also helping others with your honest dialogue, positive attitude and simple straightforward action plan. Stay strong. We are praying for you both.

Comment by Stacy Bower

This is not something one can click “Like” to. Together you will get through this, and all your many friends will be here for whatever support you need. Sending love and prayers and healing thoughts.

Comment by Eleanor Hjemmet

Sam & Michael – the things I learn from and admire about the both of you are never ending. Thank you for being you 🙂

Comment by MOD

All my prayers are with you two amazing people. I love you both dearly and know that your strength will carry you through this time of healing. May your journey be eased somewhat by the love of those around you. I’m here anytime you need me. I salute your courage! Many Blessings, my friends!

Comment by Gracia

Sure do love ya both and you know we are in prayer with ya. I can relate to the hard times and eating – when I was on interferon (which is a chemo related drug but certainly more light weight than what Michael is doing) I came to my point where I did not want to even juice – Loren would make it for me and I could always get it down without any negitives happening. Carrots are anti cancer food for sure. Tough times make us strong so, boy or boy, will you be strong after this hurdle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on Keepin’ on. Love and <<>> to our best friends and family in Christ. Shari and Loren

Comment by Loren Lacy

Prayers going out for you both, Sam. Call on us if there’s help we can give. May you both continue to feel strong and loved.

Comment by Jennifer Janus

If a newbie can be a help rather than a hindrance I’d love to learn canning by doing–I’m game to pitch in!

Comment by Cindi Huss

I just had a canning session with Angie Elkins Cindi and am canning my last batch of beans now. Everything’s under control. For now. Thanks for the offer!

Comment by simpleintn

I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope that all goes well with your husband’s treatment.

Comment by freethnkr1965

You are both in my prayers.

Comment by Kim Lee

Just heard at church today about Michael’s illness. Our thoughts and healing energy going out to you both!
Sandra and Alex

Comment by Sandra Gray

I just now saw your blog entry about Michael having cancer!! We are so sorry to hear this. Sending prayers for comfort and healing, and for strength to endure this trial for you both, and especially for Michael’s full recovery! Thinking of you guys….

Comment by Mel Hensley

[…] myself every few years. This is one of those years. Between the ‘Polar Vortex’ and ‘The Big C’, my world has narrowed considerably this winter. Luckily I’m (mostly) quite happy to be a […]

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