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September 8, 2013, 9:45 PM
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Just a short post tonight:

I’m feeling the need to DO SOMETHING to try to keep the U.S. from attacking Syria. After signing a number of online petitions, and writting letters to my Congressional representatives, I feel my voice isn’t being heard, and that I am part of the ‘silent majority’ on this. I desperately need a way to publicly declare that bombing against Syria is not being done in my name. So tomorrow I intend to fast for peace. Just one day mind you, but that’s one day more than I’ve ever fasted before.

After meditating on this, it occurred to me that others may be feeling the same way. Are you feeling helpless too? Could we come together, in a joint effort, to let our voices be heard? Is there a rally being staged here in the TriCities or a communal interfaith prayer service-something- ANYTHING- to help us feel that we’re being heard? The problem is, Congress reconvenes tomorrow and I’m certain this will be their first order of business, not giving me much time left to be heard before long lasting decisions are made. Any thoughts on this?


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Like you, I’ve been responding to every petition and writing to our representatives. Phil Roe has already replied. He said in his email he will attend the classified briefings in the House and will continue listening to calls, letters and emails from constituents. I hope he is flooded with voices in opposition! I believe I read that FL’s Grayson has not had a single constituent report approval for military action. I pray it stays overwhelmingly clear. ALL of us need to keep up the pressure to be sure our representatives know our concern is massively against this threat to send bombs to Syria.

Comment by Eleanor Hjemmet

I commend you for being activists on behalf of no war with/in Syria. Would that more Americans join the fight. Noted that Lamar Alexander says he will vote No to military action. I have been left with the impression that both the President & Sect of State think military action is what needs/must to be done. While these 2 have assured congress there will be no ground troops sent, doing so is not out of the question. Further, what Congress votes for or against may not mean a hill of beans to those in charge. Just sayin’

Comment by Anne Whittemore

Thanks Annie for your comment. I don’t trust any of them anymore, red,blue,democrat or republican! that’s sad isn’t it?

Comment by simpleintn

· Good-on-you, Sam. I don’t know what Obama said in the last few hours, but I think the decades-long American reliance on threats and military attacks to bully other nations, must stop if the USA is to regain the respect it used to have – actual leadership ability.

· And doing your first-ever 24-hour fast is just right to show how serious and concerned you are.
{I recommend drinking as much as you want of tea with the usual small amount of milk and no sugar, changing to herb tea about 7 hours before bedtime, then one 200-250 ml (7 or 8 ounce) glass of beer in the half hour before going to bed at the usual time.}
_ If you have the numbers, you might want to donate the saved cost of the food you would otherwise have eaten, to a suitable worthy cause. For me it would be Amnesty International: http://is.gd/Amnesty_international_NZ_Syria ; original: http://www.amnesty.org.nz/get-involved/donate/end-bloodshed-syria


David MacClement, http://davd.i8.com/EFquiz_DsResponses-080515.html#up
http://davd.tripod.com/#new1 ZL1ASX Backup^ http://tiny.cc/EFquiz_DsResp
http://reocities.com/davd.geo/#earths I’m in Greenhithe North Shore NZ
davdATihug.co.nz http://davd.4t.com/-/021DsupportsBdownPath768hi.html
earth is our home. David’s life story, on Avaaz: http://t.co/vu7J3i6TH1

Comment by davdnz

David, thank you so much for your encouragement and advice!

Comment by simpleintn

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