Frugal Friday test
October 11, 2013, 2:45 PM
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So how was your week? It occurred to me while putting together this post that by being careful with my money on many small things, it allows us to be able to afford other, bigger, more important things-like cancer treatments. It’s all a matter of priorities, as they say. So, I may be wrapping duct tape around my shoes to hold them together by spring, but since duct tape now comes in such fashionable colors, it’s all good πŸ˜‰Β 


That said, I have begun to think about the upcoming holidays already. I have family members that are out of work and struggling to get by, and of course my own budget item for gift giving is a big fat zero right now, so our gift exchanges will need to be greatly simplified this year. But there will be some gift giving and volunteer fun, along with good food, decorations, music, friends and family. I’m already looking forward to it and am planning what I hope will be a welcome gift idea (that I plan to share with you as soon as I can get it together). In the meantime, it’s the day to day expenses that can leave you with more week than money, so I truly hope my attempts will leave you inspired and hopeful, rather than the feeling that you’re a spendthrift. I suspect that most readers of this blog are quite mindful already of what they consume, eat and buy. My Frugal Friday smack down is really just my way of reviewing my own spending habits throughout the week, helping me stay focused on where our money goes. I can blow money right along with the best of ’em, by the way πŸ˜€

Monday- Canned some late season roasted salsa verde using a big bag of tomatillos that was given to me by one of the Community gardeners. I had jalapenos and garlic from my garden to add to it and just enough cilantro leaves in the frig that needed to be used anyway. I really do try to avoid food waste and this made 4 half pints of really good salsa for just a bit of effort! Savings: Roughly $8 at $2 per half pint jar?


Tuesday- Had a wonderful pasta and salad meal at Main Street Pizza Company, a locally owned eatery within an easy walk of our house. A couple of months ago we’d taken advantage of an internet deal they were offering and bought a $30 ‘voucher’ for $15. What a bargain it was, and by going on Tuesday we hopefully gave them a little extra business on what is traditionally any restaurant’s slowest night of the week. Additional bonus: The leftovers we took home fed us the next night too, after adding a salad and some garlic bread. Savings: $15 on the original price of the food, and a few dollars for whatever a dinner at home might’ve cost us PLUS two nights not having to cook!

Wednesday- Mailed a card to Canada using 20-year-old air mail stamps that Michael had held on to all this time. Postage was ‘only’ $1.10 to Canada, but we had three 50 cent stamps so I just put all three on the envelope and put it out on my home mailbox for pickup, saving me a trip in the car to the post office, as well as a wait in what is usually a long line. Savings: $1.10 plus gas to P.O. and a half hour’s time.

Thursday- Returned a 6 month old combination lock to Lowe’s that had become permanently locked, even though I had no warranty. They didn’t question it at all, and replaced it with a new lock. Savings: $6

Friday- Had my teeth cleaned at the local dental hygenist school for free (Seniors are free-that’s me- all others are only $20) Savings: I have no idea since I’ve been using their services 3x a year for 11 years now but I’m thinking $75 at least. And now I’m so close to the school that I can walk or ride my bike so no gas is used to get there either and I get my exercise in for the day! Good health and clean teeth: PRICELESS!


OK, how about you? Where’d you save (or spend) money this week? Do you remember? Take the Frugal Friday test.


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yes, you did a fine job inspiring me! This seems like a fun game rather than pinching coins. I’m not so good on the recall from this week, but will def plan ahead for this coming week. Also, would LOVE any inspiring ideas for fun & reasonable holiday gifting!

Comment by Michelle

FYI, Sam, dental cleaning costs $150+ here on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Comment by rlm98253

I’ve learned to always go to my favorite grocery store on Tuesday, to get the 5% senior’s discount. (Theirs is for over 55,and I’m well over 55.) 5% is 5%! This week I had a rain check for some canned cat food that was on sale last week but they didn’t have the 2 kinds my cat eats. So I used it this week, on Tuesday, and also had a $1 coupon. I’m happy and so is my cat.

Shortly I’ll be 65. The drug store I go to has 20% off the whole store for people over 65 the first Wednesday of the month. My calendar is marked for the next few months for anything I need to be bought on that day.

Senior citizens need all the help we can get, and there are some discounts out there if people look for them. Living on a retirement budget will be tight, but I can do what my grandmother used to talk about: pinch each nickle till the buffalo squeaks. (You have to be old to remember buffalo nickles, lol.)

I love your hints and your reports of ways you save money. Every little bit really does help! And your shoes are neat. I hope your husband is doing well.

Keep up sharing your good stuff, thanks!

Comment by sarasinart

Last week you said I was awesome. No. It is you, Sam. Oh if I could move back today I would!

Comment by Jennifer

Love frugal Fridays! I am frugal most days, like you I was taught waste not, want not but I love saving money and living well on mostly what is on my homestead or neighborhood. I bought an early Christmas present for 20 dollars,I had my daughter buy some John Deere boots-like new that are 75 dollars for my grandson and I wasn’t even out the gas and time to go to the yardsale. I traded my neighbor some fresh fish which I have abundance for fresh sausage which I was out of and she had abundance, we were both happy. I harvested poke berries from my yard to freeze and for my husband to take one a day whole trying to help his arthritis and ward off more cancer, he is a survivor!! Each day is a blessing to us both!!

Comment by Annette Langdon

Hi Annette! What wonderful frugality you had this week! I especially loved the idea of bartering…I’d love to do more of that but most folks in urban areas just buy what they want and need. Now, do tell about poke berries. An old man once told me to collect them in the fall and give to my chickens to stave off internal parasites. They never did have to be wormed because of that. Perhaps you wont have to worm your husband either ;D I’d not heard of humans consuming them. Do you have any ‘evidence’, or a folk tale or something about it? After the 8 year experiment with giving them to my hens, I’m open to using them too. Now, whether Michael would eat them is another story, but I’d certainly be willing to try them! Thanks for reading and sharing your comments

Comment by simpleintn

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