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October 25, 2013, 8:31 PM
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Well it’s Frugal Friday of course! OK dear readers, I loved reading your comments last week about what you’d been doing to enable yourself to live better on less and I hope you’ll share again now. This week was fairly ordinary, but there always seem to be opportunities to save a bit of money. For example:

Monday- Added some water to the liquid soap that was so thick it wouldn’t pump out of the dispenser. It’s still PLENTY thick and now there’s more of it.

Tuesday- Made some hot pepper jam with THE LAST of my hot peppers. It makes a good hostess gift and people seem to love it poured over a block of cream cheese served with crackers.

Wednesday- When I got out my winter PJ’s, the elastic in the waist had somehow magically stretched out while they lay in the bottom of my winter clothes box this summer. Anyway, it was easy to remove the old piece and install a new one using a safety pin to run it through the casing. Here’s the best part: I was able to use waist elastic from an old pair of yoga pants for this project. And while I had my sewing machine out, I fixed a couple of other things that were needing repaired.

Thursday-After (im)patiently waiting for weeks for the pine needles to fall, I gathered enough at a friend’s house to nicely mulch my newly created blueberry and elderberry beds. Both of these berries like acidic soil and annual mulching with pine needles provides them with a fair amount. She got her side yard raked, I got free mulch!


Friday- Harvested 3 HUGE carrots (of about 30) from my fall sown plot at the community garden:


Right before dark, I scavenged for fallen tomatoes underneath certain-to-die-tonight tomato plants at the community garden to add to tonight’s salad, made with our just picked lettuce and dressed with our favorite pennies-per-serving dressing:


Here’s the recipe for that dressing:

Michael’s  Vinaigrette

1 large clove garlic, peeled and chopped

1/8 tsp salt

1-2 T balsamic vinegar

1-2 T red wine vinegar

1 tsp Dijon mustard

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

4 T. Olive Oil

Black pepper to taste

In a mortar with a pestle mash the garlic with the salt until they form a paste (or mash the garlic in a press) Transfer the garlic paste to a small bowl or jar, and add the remaining ingredients, whisking or shaking them until the dressing is well combined. Tweak to your own tastes, adding chopped finely herbs if desired.

But here’s the BEST thing of all this week: After waiting (im)patiently for a couple of months for Netflix to stream the remaining 8 episodes of the ‘Breaking Bad’ TV series, and refusing to pay $16 to see them, (after receiving a free year’s subscription as a birthday gift from my daughter), she tired of hearing me whining about it and found this link so that I could watch them for free: 


You’re welcome!

Alright, your turn! Let me know how you were able to live better for less this week! In the meantime, I’ll be watching the Breaking Bad finale-for free 😀


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I have a bedroom in the front of my house that’s my favorite room. There is an area rug in there that looks good, but most of the formerly painted wooden floor is exposed. The floor needs spruced up with a new coat of paint. I didn’t want to think of buying paint, so…….I have to paint the porches here every couple summers and had two parts of gallons of that porch (and floor) paint left, slightly different colors of gray. Mixed them together and got a nice gray color, just right for my favorite bedroom! I started the painting tonight.

You are such an inspiration! I think I’ll have to try Michael’s Vinaigrette.

Comment by sarasinart

Oh take a picture when you’re finished, I’d love to see it. What a great idea. I love decorating for little or nothing. And now you’ve given me an idea. My country recycling center has a paint room where partial gallons of paint are taken by folks and they are given away free to whoever wants them. I see lots of gray floor paint but never seems enough to do my whole porch… so now I’ll take two or three partial gallons and mix them! woo hoo!!! Thanks for the great idea!

Comment by simpleintn

Oh wow, you’re welcome, and I can’t believe I gave you an idea, cos you are the queen of good frugal ideas! Just make sure you’re going to have enough to do your job. Maybe you’ll find other colors that belong in your house somewhere too! Nobody around here does something like have a place to give paint. That’s a great way to share, and people around here don’t think of things like that, and I sure wish they did.

Go paint that porch, yessss!

Comment by sarasinart

Just made Michael’s Vinaigrette and dressed a tomato and spinach salad with it. Outstanding!

Comment by rlm98253

It IS good isn’t it? And so economical to make. He sometimes will use rice vinegar or any others we may have a tablespoon or two of. They all work in their own unique way it seems like. Thanks for reading my blog.

Comment by simpleintn

Oh, oh! I also tore my bathroom sink drain apart and fixed it the other day, I forgot that! The thing wouldn’t drain right, and I had tried drain cleaner, which didn’t help at all. The plumber would charge about $50 just to show up. Not!!! I looked down under there and realized I have plastic drain pipes, not soldered ones. So, put a pan under there to catch the water from the trap and tear this thing apart! I found out there is a place around the top of the pipe coming out of the sink itself, where toothpaste and soap can build up, made in a dumb way. I cleaned that gunk out and now the water runs right out. Now once in a while, I have to tear the drain apart. No plumber for me! My dad always told me that girls need to be able to figure things out for themselves sometimes, cos there might not always be a man there to do “handy” things. He taught me well.

Now you’re making me think with your Frugal Friday blog. It’s a good thing!

Comment by sarasinart

You GO girl!

Comment by simpleintn

I went out to our garden and picked the last few cukes and the last of the lettuce too – and just in time, we had frost that very night. It made a couple of great salads and I had enough to share with a coworker. I’ll have to give your vinaigrette a try.

Comment by Heidi @ lightlycrunchy

Heidi, aren’t you in Canada? Did you just get your first frost last night? I live in TN and we got our first last night but it seems late for your part of the world. And cucumbers! Mine stopped producing way back in August! But I do have lots of lettuce growing in a little raised bed covered with a plastic hoop ‘tent’. Hope you and your sweet family are having a nice weekend.

Comment by simpleintn

yes, we’re in Canada – and we had a weird coolish/wet growing season this year that extended the life of everything much longer than usual. It was nice. But oh, the tomatoes. 🙂 Im more than happy that they are finished now. I wont have guilt over leaving them on the vine.

Comment by Heidi @ lightlycrunchy

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