I have a dream too
January 15, 2014, 9:38 PM
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 If you knew that I am from Selma, Alabama and that I suspect my father was a Klan member, you might assume I am a racist. I used to be. Talk about transitions…

I’ve felt rather uninspired and unmotivated lately. Typical winter blahs. That is, until today. I spent some time reading some of Dr. Martin Luther King’s letters and speeches, and doing so has lifted me up. After reading his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” I felt shame in my ongoing pity party. His reply about “being unable to sit idly by while injustice prevailed” to the  criticisms he had received from his own colleagues about his actions being “unwise and untimely” reiterated my innermost thoughts. My purpose in writing this blog is not precisely about injustice, at least not the civil rights injustices Dr King gave his life for. But there was a lesson for me in his letter, and I don’t feel I can sit idly by either while the injustice I see all around me continues. I witness the earth being destroyed (mountaintop removal legislative action is underway in Tennessee, my adoptive state), as our oil-weary world continues to chase the ‘false prophets’ of shale gas and ‘clean coal’. I witness economic injustice, social injustices, joblessness and homelessness, hunger and poverty. I see politicians that set their own rules (can you say Gov. Chris Christie?) and corporations that do too. And yes, I still see racism. Using the occasion of Dr. King’s birthday, I realized that I have a dream too! I don’t want to make a name for myself, I just wanna make a difference. So I’ll continue to write this blog, since I don’t know anything else to do.

I can only write about those things I know, and the longer I write this blog the more I realize how precious little I really know about the larger world. But I know what works for me, in my life, and I can continue to write about those things. You don’t have to read it, the writing is cathartic for me; But I hope you will. My dream is that perhaps it will inspire you to find ways to make a difference, to do things differently, to overcome your own biases and to become as resilient as Dr King was. We can’t all be world leaders, but we CAN learn ways to lead lives that are significantly more connected, more vibrant and more fulfilling than the one we find ourselves in today. All together now: “Now is the time to take stock and to start re-creating our future in ways that are not based on cheap, plentiful and polluting oil but on localized food, sustainable energy sources, resilient local economies and an enlivened sense of community well-being.”  Martin would be proud, I’m sure of it.



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That’s a wonderful, inspiring post. Keep writing; you are making a difference every time somebody reads what you write.

Comment by sarasinart

Yes, your writing is appreciated.

Comment by Cassa

I enjoy reading your blog. We all need to support each other in both happy and challenging times. We all have bad days, and then we get back up and do the best we can.

Comment by Andrea

Thank you Andrea. You’re absolutely right, it’s just that some days are lots easier than other to ‘get back up and do the best we can’. Or harder, depending on your view

Comment by simpleintn

Thought provoking, for sure, Sam. Thanks!

Comment by Katie

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