Frugal Friday- May 9, 2014

As the weather has warmed this week, I’ve begun to settle into a new routine built around the daily heat buildup. I’m in the garden most days before 9 AM, and back in the house by 10:30 or so, leaving me most of the day for everything else, before going back to the garden after supper and working in the evening coolness until 8:30. Even that schedule hasn’t allowed me to get everything done that needs to be done, although I know this will pass once everything is planted and mulched. Some days, in spite of best intentions, everything else never happens. It’s busy times like this that I want to take shortcuts on cooking, errands and more. Shortcuts usually cost me in some way, but I’ve managed to keep meals healthy and other commitments minimal in order to stay on track.

Monday– I wanted to file a final state and federal 2013 tax return on behalf of my mom, who passed away  in 2013, since she was due a $350 refund. They were far more complicated than AARP volunteers were willing to tackle, so I worked out a ‘deal’ with a local CPA. His normal fee for preparing the returns BEFORE April 15th would’ve been $175. By filing  online for an extension and then waiting until May 1st, he only charged me $100. I saved $75 AND will get back the $350! Net Gain: $275. 00!

Tuesday: Because I had put off some errands last week, I had a long list of them this week but actually saved a bit of gas money in doing so. Locally, gas has taken a sharp hike upwards in recent weeks, so every bit helps. Then, when I stopped at the post office to buy a couple books of stamps, I was told I could purchase them in the future directly from my mail man when he makes his daily rounds as long as I have exact change or write a check. (I also bought some odd stamp denominations while there in order to use up some older stamps that weren’t the full 49 cent price) Gas savings by combining errands? About $3 I’d say.

Wednesday– Reversed ceilings fans for summer time and turned off pilot light to the gas stove in the living room. Savings? Cool!

Thursday: Shopped at my local discount store and got several good deals, including four organic tomatoes for $1 and one pound bags of red lentils for 50 cents a bag, and they weren’t even out of date! I love red lentils in curries and other dishes but they’ve gotten so pricey I rarely buy them anymore. But at this price, I bought 10 pounds. Savings: Last time I bought them they were $2.99 a lb, so I figure I saved about $25.00


Friday: Used my fuel bucks to save 30 cents a gallon on my weekly fill up. Savings: $2.16


And once again I conclude this episode of Frugal Friday with: “Size doesn’t matter. Whether food, energy, money, or time, using our resources wisely and frugally can lead to big payoffs in all areas of our lives.” (this message brought to you by Tennessee Transitions) 😉


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Your Frugal Friday posts are always so inspiring!

Comment by sarasinart

Thanks for you kind comments Nancy. Hope you have a good weekend. With nature closeby.

Comment by simpleintn

Have a good one yourself! And good growing!

Comment by sarasinart

“Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun” is my motto!

Comment by Kae Robbins

Funny you say that Kae. Michael thinks nothing of going out to work in the garden at noonish. He’s an Englishman. And a mad dog.

Comment by simpleintn

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