What’s for Supper?
July 24, 2014, 9:09 PM
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I really enjoyed the rainy weather here in NE Tennessee last weekend! It got me OUT of the garden and IN-to the kitchen. I finished canning the last of the green beans and cooked a pot for supper, along with those little, teeny, tiny Yukon gold potatoes that you just have to wash- the skins are so thin that no peeling or cutting is even necessary. Most people don’t bother to harvest those babies→ but I gather them all up when we dig our crop, right along with the big ones.  I throw ’em right in the pot with the beans, chopped onions and a dash of bacon grease. The beans and baby taters, along with our very first ears of Kandy Korn from the corn plot down at the community garden, fat slices of  heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes and grilled garlic bread along with a sliver or two of the leftover rotisserie chicken I splurged on earlier this week make a frugal, dee-li-shus supper with very little prep time.

I also used eggs from my friend’s backyard flock to make deviled eggs  as well as bowls of potato salad and cole slaw that made good use of our home-grown cabbage, carrots, potatoes, red onions and herbs. We enjoyed the salads with our salmon/cucumber sandwiches for lunch today and have enough left for several more meals. Good golly Miss Molly, we’re eatin’ good these days!



So, what’s for supper at YOUR house? Do you find  yourself eating more local and seasonal foods these days? Got any recipes you want to share? Comment below ↓


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We’ve been eating homegrown summer squash & onions, plus broccoli. Lost 1.5 heads of cabbage, but salvaged 1/2 & have one more to chop for slaw. Fixed cabbage casserole with parboiled leaves, chopped onions, crooknecks, cooked dried black beans, peppers, smothered in tomato sauce, covered with freshly-grated Parmesan and baked at 350 for until cheese melted. Nice to have fresh vegetables sort of crunchy.

Comment by Anne Whittemore

Annie that’s what I’m talking about girl! It sounds great!

Comment by simpleintn

Oh wow, you are having a garden bounty of all kinds of good stuff! I’ve been eating green beans, tomatoes and collards from the garden, just picked the first cabbage and will make some slaw out of part of that. Ham, potatoes and cabbage with the rest. Good, fresh and frugal for sure when you grow a lot of it yourself! Tell us more about those salmon/cucumber sandwiches……that sounds interesting. The salmon is canned? Grow on and enjoy every bite.

Comment by sarasinart

Yes, it’s just Trader Joe’s canned salmon, flaked with a fork. Spread butter on both pieces of some really nice buns or bread, then pile on some salmon straight from the can, cover with rounds of thin sliced cucumber, and sprinkle with a nice red wine vinegar. We can get 5-6 sandwiches from a 14 oz can so this is healthy and frugal! But we only eat ’em when we have fresh cukes so they’re a real summertime treat!

Comment by simpleintn

That sounds really interesting and something different to do with salmon! I like it straight from the can or cooked up in salmon patties. It’s frugal stuff here when I can buy it on sale or at the bent and dent store, especially, cos fully price is not so nice in our grocery stores. But it’s a staple cos it’s so good and so healthy; I always have a can or two in my pantry. Now I have a new idea to try. Thanks for another one of your good ideas!

Comment by sarasinart

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