Freaky Friday- October 31, 2014
October 31, 2014, 6:08 PM
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In honor of the season, I’ve decided to change the focus of this Friday post from frugal to freaky. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if these things are spooky:

Monday: “Most of New Hampshire’s moose have already died. Now Maine’s moose are dying in droves. Why? In winter, they are covered with hundreds of thousands of ticks all busily sucking their blood. This weakens the poor moose so that he dies before spring; he cannot survive the winter. I read about this, and I know it’s true. Local hunters have been reporting back about moose and deer carcasses just crawling with ticks; they just rot where they lie. The predators (coywolves, coyotes, bears, etc.) will not go anywhere near them (wisely). There never used to be ticks in Maine. Some of the local people still don’t believe there are any here. I’ve seen them, though, so I know they are here. I recognize a tick when I see one. Why have ticks moved northwards? Well, we all know why, don’t we?” ~from a friend in Maine. AND confirmed this week while reading Bill Mckibbon’s book “Oil and Honey”. Creepy stuff.  

Tuesday: According to Scientific American it takes 10 calories of energy to produce 1 calorie of food. Um, the last time I did math, those were not sustainable numbers. When you think about the possible implications of this, it’s really ominous.

Wednesday: Western drought may now be ‘normal’ and Polar vortex may become ‘normal’. Can you imagine reading (and comprehending) that sentence just ten years ago? Climate Change is frightening!

Thursday: From NBC News today: The number of cases of Ebola in the three hardest-hit countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, just sped past 10,000. That’s scary.

Friday: An October snowstorm that dumps about a foot of snow on NE TN? Chilling!

Sometimes the news is scarier than the zombies roaming the streets. We’ll talk more about some of these scary news stories next week. But for now, I’d like to offer you a frugal, delicious and healthy recipe for a Halloween stew that uses corn, potatoes and a head lettuce:


Happy Halloween Folks!


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Very interesting stuff Sam, and I like the recipe. Have a good Halloween weekend!

Comment by sarasinart

fyi – some trivia – solar energy impacting the surface of the earth is about 100 watts per square meter (front side only of course). The energy used and then radiated as heat by a human is about 60 watts. So when we hit 1 person per square meter of land, we’ve hit the brick wall where we can theoretically only sustainably support people and no other life. Given the land mass of Earth, that limit is 12.5 billion, if I did the math right. What are we pushing now, 9 billion? No wonder we’re seeing species extinctions etc. Now consider efficiency figures like you quoted, Sam, and we’re way, way past the point of no return – living on fossil fuels.

Comment by gtkeep2013

Gerald, you’re a scientist. Of COURSE you ‘get it’! We’re already past the point of 350 ppm of C02, which is the level scientists have determined we must maintain to preserve a livable planet. We’re at 400 now.

Comment by simpleintn

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