Zero Waste Week
November 30, 2014, 9:15 PM
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I like a good challenge. Whether it’s something as simple as finishing the daily crossword puzzle or as complicated as figuring out how in the hell to replace a broken pipe, I thrive on most challenges. I always learn something when I take on a challenge, even if I’m not able to meet it fully. Most challenges simply present themselves, as in broken pipes. But my current one is different…I’m challenging myself to see if I can cut my waste to nothing, for one week. Just a week, that’s all. There’s this lady whose blog I read, that writes about her zero waste life- she and her family of four, only create ONE QUART JAR OF WASTE PER YEAR. For three years now. Surely I can go a week!

My Zero Waste Week will begin Monday (tomorrow) morning, since that’s the day my garbage is picked up. I chose this week because it’s shaping up to be a busier than usual one, with four meetings, errands to run and appointments to keep. I thought it might be ‘most typical’ of a working woman’s weekly schedule, which makes me pretty sure I won’t be able to go a full week without having something in the garbage can by next Sunday but I’m going to give it my best shot. It may turn out to be the challenge from hell, forcing me to do things radically differently than I do now. My plan is to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose everything that presents itself as ‘waste’. I’m really hoping my cat Simon doesn’t kill a rodent this week since I normally wrap his little back-door ‘gifts’ in a plastic bag and throw them in the garbage can. (Maybe I can make a special ‘stew’ instead?) I’ll take pictures (will there BE anything to take pictures of if there’s zero waste?) and post the results next Sunday.

20141130_205826[1]Sunday PM



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That’s quite a challenge and I’ll be eager to see how you do. You are good with challenges!

Comment by sarasinart

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