Am I the Only One?

Many of our country’s major newspapers ran articles on Friday about how the federal government won’t be sending any reservoir water thru the 500 miles of canals to the Central Valley of California this year for farmers that produce in ‘the nation’s food basket’. Again. Last year, many farmers uprooted orchards or tapped unregulated ground water wells. UNREGULATED GROUNDWATER WELLS concern me, nearly as much as no water. Here’s a blurb from climate.gov, a science and information website: “In California’s San Joaquin Valley, so much water is being pumped from the ground that the land surface itself is subsiding, as many news reports have documented. The Valley is California’s top agricultural producing region, producing much of the nation’s grapes, nuts, and vegetables, and hosting three-quarters of the state’s dairy cows.” I lived in the San Joaquin Valley for over two years, and have seen firsthand the endless oceans of crops that are grown there. No water? Am I the only one that worries about this stuff?


But enough about water wars. Let’s turn our focus to nuclear war. Specifically, the ‘deal’ that’s being negotiated between Iran, the US and its’ allies. My friends aren’t discussing this, I’m not seeing Facebook posts about it, my local leaders nor my local newspaper are touching it. Am I the only one that worries about this stuff?

Vaccines, computer hacking, ebola and crime seem to be highest on American’s minds, according to recent Gallup polls. I’ll admit, all of those things are rather ominous, but they pale in comparison, in my mind anyway, to water scarcity and nuclear proliferation. Am I the only one that worries about this stuff?

Obviously I can’t spend my life worrying about these things, but I can take certain actions to protect myself by carefully safeguarding my health and my private information, by not traveling to Africa (darn it!), and by not frequenting bars at 2 AM. Keeping my phone and computer updated with appropriate anti-hacking/virus software is doable, even for a computer novice like myself.  But as I learn to transition to a different world from the one I’ve grown older in, I’ll increase my efforts this year to capture rainwater, save seeds, decrease my energy usage, and teach myself about herbal  medicine. Am I the only one that worries about this stuff?



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No Sam, you are not the only one. But consider this: Maybe we were not meant to be. And that’s all right.


Comment by jerry nagel

“Maybe we are not meant to be” what Jerry?

Comment by simpleintn

There is no doubt that as a species we grow to the edge of our resources, and leave ourselves open to the slightest bobble knocking us back down again into the stone age. There are LOTS of things to worry about Sam. You are usually my good model of how not to give in to despair, as you do what you can without hesitating. Hang in there. I try to look for root causes and opportunities to make a big difference, but that sometimes means I end up doing nothing.

Comment by gtkeep2013

Gerald I gave up trying to save the world a long time ago. Now I’m just trying to save my own ass, along with a few dozen close friends and family members. hahahaha

Comment by simpleintn

Well, Sam, my initial response was “No, you aren’t the only one,” but then I realized that worrying doesn’t do any good. We really need to simply do our part to be a part of the solution because the alternative is to simply go on being part of the problem.

What Jerry says is quite profound and I think seriously bears thinking about, both 1) that humankind may not continue to exist, and 2) that this is okay. We pay lip service to extinctions and yet we somehow think that humankind is not subject to the same natural laws. The truth is that if things continue as they are, humanity could disappear off the face of the earth. I think I’d go Jerry one further in that, if we choose not to control our behavior (as a species), I think it’s right that we (as a species) disappear.

Comment by Sandy Aldridge

No you’re not the only one, but there aren’t enough……and I’m wondering if there are close to enough to make any difference. As another commenter said, we are on the edge and something small could tip the balance. Saving our own ass is a good way to look at it, and hope there are some people around us knowing/wanting to do the same. Some days I’m very glad to be old.

Comment by sarasinart

No, Sam, you are not the only one. I’ve been concerned for years, long before anyone else was. The use of water from Lake Mead/Colorado River for sprinklers on golf courses in Nevada so golfers will have nice greens. Ten years ago I said the groundwater is being hugely affected, but no one takes ME seriously. 20 years ago I was concerned about the burning and logging of trees in the tropics because those trees were the rainwater trapping for the temperate zone rains. Plus, not having those trees has affected the population of monarch butterflies (along with high use of pesticides by big agriculture. No one understood.

I find I can’t post anything on FB anymore without friends disagreeing vehemently with me. As I get tired of reading their comments to what I post, I’ll be deleting them from my friends list.

No, you are NOT the only one. I take shorter showers, have a rain barrel for gardens (and last summer never used tap water except for bucket-hose car washing). We don’t water our lawn. This is the first year in 5 years we’ll be opening our pool, so I’ve saved on water usage for 4 years. I used dish water on plants. I distill water for drinking. I compost. I garden. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference. I can, dry foods.

How else can I help?

Take care, Annie


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