Frugal Friday-Barefoot and…

‘Tis the season of backyard potlucks, blue moons and dirty feet, at least in my little world. I managed to get a nasty blister last Friday when I had to wear ‘real shoes’ to a day long food coop meeting with potential investor/partners. Because I live less than a mile from the meeting place, I opted to walk, even though it was crazy hot, because I had arranged to ride home with a friend. When I got almost there, a train was stopped on the track and rumor was that someone had been hit! It wasn’t even running, so I had to turn around and walk back home. The shoes weren’t meant for walking like that, and with bare feet it was no time before I was sweaty and had a blister. The good news is, I’ve gone barefoot all week and love scrubbing reminders of the day off of them at night, just like I used to as a girl. There’s a term for that connection we make with the earth when we go barefoot, it’s called “earthing” or “grounding” and I’ve felt it’s impact all week. I’ve culminated my barefoot week today with cutting grass until my feet were green and watching the moon tonight til it turned blue!

blue moonThere’s something about being barefoot that encourages me to stay that way, so having to go somewhere that requires shoes not only saw me at home more, it also pretty much prevented me from spending any unnecessary money. It was a fine week friends…

Monday: When life gives you lemons-and basil…We were invited to an outdoor potluck in the evening, with acoustic music and mountains all around us. I took my usual local deviled eggs and my unusual local Basil Lemonade- and went barefoot. It was big fun!



Tuesday: Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you about the great pasta sauce I’d made in my new electric pressure cooker? When life gives you tomatoes, onions and peppers, make sauce! So, I made another batch and after supper I canned the extra. Because I don’t like to use my canner unless it’s full, I filled the extra space with jars of water to store with my emergency preps in the cellar. Bare feet on a cold root cellar floor in mid summer is a special pleasure!

20150728_081449[1]Wednesday: A group of teens whose parents are migrants are attending a camp at the local university. Part of their week has a service component to it, so I was lucky enough to host a small group of them  at the community garden. They worked hard cleaning up the common areas that often get overlooked in such a setting. But it was really neat when the first of my ‘Moon and Stars’ watermelons I’m growing this year turned up perfectly ripe on this day. We split it and passed out sweet, drippy slices right on the spot! Afterwards, One Acre Cafe invited us all to lunch! Good food and good company didn’t cost me a dime. And yeah, I worked barlefoot in the garden but slipped on some flip flops to go in to eat. Those pesky health laws!  😉


Thursday: Barefoot in the Park: I try to support all the good things, both big and small, that are going on in my city’s gradual revival of its’ downtown district: they all add up to a more livable community for everyone. When I heard that there was going to be an unveiling of a newly restored ‘ghost’ Coca Cola advertising mural, along with the opening of a our latest restored train depot-turned-brewery, I wanted to be there. As soon as I hit the park, Coca Cola employees practically came out of the wood work to hand out free tee shirts and cold bottles of coke! They had this ‘booth’ that could print out any name you wanted on a can of coke. It was free and we were each allowed two cans, so I got my grandkids’ names, one of which is pretty ‘obscure’, imprinted and I’ll give them the teeshirts and personalized cans at Christmas this year. Michael chose to have our names printed on his two, and they look so sweet on the windowsill of my red, white and black kitchen!

20150731_221736[1]After the unveiling of the new sign, a local deli that had been hired by the local Coke bottling company offered free lunches of sandwiches, pasta salad, chips and yeah, more cokes, for everyone in attendance! Free tee shirts, drinks, lunch and a wonderful sense of community spirit was there. How much is that worth? It’s priceless!


Friday: Just an ordinary day: I helped my daughter apply for her first home loan, and dropped off some fresh produce to One Acre Cafe’s kitchen. Later we cut the grass, worked in the garden, played some music, took the dog for a walk through the park, and ate leftovers for supper, beefed up with fresh tomato slices and green beans from the garden, and thick slices of garlic bread. After supper I sat on the porch and snapped more green beans. It was a perfect day…


I tried mightily to weave this new-to-me concept of “earthing” or “grounding” into this post, but feel as though the sense of connection to the earth and all of humanity that I’ve experienced this week by being barefoot so much, was lost in the minutia of the days. Regardless, the mundane has become profound at times; from fat, red tomatoes all over the kitchen counters to the 10 foot tall Hopi Blue corn growing in a little patch by the shed, I feel as though all is right with the world. (ha!) I think the stalks look like mythological green nymphs, with hands raised to the sky, shouting “Hallelujah!”.

20150728_175318[1]Have a grounded weekend friends!

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Wow, what a great barefoot week you had! That whole celebration for the mural was wonderful. Will I get to see the blue corn or will it be done at that point? I’m going to love my visit to you two and your lovely city!

Comment by sarasinart

It really was a good week Nancy and now that’s it’s turned less humid it’s perfect. I hope it’s this nice when you’re here. I don’t know if the corn will be done by then or not. I just let it dry on the stalks since it’s for grinding and not fresh eating, so I guess it will be. See you in September!

Comment by simpleintn

Less humid would be good, cos we have a hot and humid spell till maybe the end of this week. Yuk. I might be convinced to try a couple kernels of that next year if you have a few to spare, lol. We’re making serious plans to expand some things then, since Eliza is into being the gardener that she has become. I’d find a way to grind some and make some blue cornbread. Have another good week!

Comment by sarasinart

Oh, love barefootin’! Especially when I go out to hang clothes on the line and the grass is damp from dew. The life is good out here in the boonies, too! Grass is growin’, tomatoes and beans are plentiful, hay is being cut and the sunflowers huge. Blue Moon was beautiful at 2:30 AM this morning. One thing did go wrong early this week. We went to Douglas Dam to camp. Big mistake! So hot and humid we had to stay inside the camper most of the time. Not fun when it is too hot to FISH and talk to other campers. Came home after 3 nights when we had planned to stay a week.

Comment by Karen

Ditto on the hanging clothes standing in dewey grass Karen. It was so hot and humid early week we turned on our AC, something we just rarely do. I was grateful for it, but kept thinking of my daughter and my brother that don’t have it in their homes 😦 along with the billions of folks in a similar situation. I heard it was 116 degrees in Iran yesterday, and with the humidity level there, the heat index was l50 some degrees! Yeah, I’m reallll grateful for cool dewey grass!

Comment by simpleintn

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