Frugal Friday- September 10, 2015
September 10, 2015, 9:27 PM
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I certainly miss the ‘free time’ that I’ve enjoyed for the last 13 years of retirement but I’m officially half-way through my 12-week job commitment now, so I figure I’ll make it. But I wanted to take a moment to encourage you readers to continue to look for ways to be frugal and thrifty with ALL of your resources-whether that is time, money, energy, water, food, fuel or WHATEVER resources you are using in your daily lives. It’s definitely more difficult to be resourceful and thrifty when you are working full time, but certainly possible if it’s really important to you.

This post will be more of a quick pictoral, but you know what they say about “a picture is worth a thousand words”…and because it’s truly harvest season, that’s what I’ve been doing! 

I harvested…

my Blue Hopi Corn and have spread it to dry on a shelf in the greenhouse. When it’s cured, I’ll shuck it and use it to make THE BEST CORNBREAD IN THE WHOLE SOUTHEAST! I estimate this will make enough cornmeal to last most of the year…


And apples…both of them!


I also’ picked a peck of peppers’ and dried some of them for winter soups and stews…


The tomatoes continue to multiply when I’m not looking…


And the un-canceled stamps keep showing up on my mail…


We’re still managing to cut our own grass most weeks, hang out our clothes on the line to dry most days, cook our own meals from scratch most nights and still have time left for entertaining and cooking for company, spending time with friends and family, hiking, bike riding, church and community service activities and playing music too. Life is good, but especially on Fridays 😉

Mountain Fun


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Another good week for you, even tho you were away most of it! It’s good you got 2 apples, and you sure still have lots of tomatoes. That blue Hopi corn sure is interesting. And I’m still in love with my Hopi Limas, most of which are picked and I have a whole quart jar full of those good things for good stuff in the winter. Now you need some special black eyed pea seeds………. 🙂

Comment by sarasinart

Tell that crazy lady next to you that Bill and Karen West said ‘Hey’! We got to know her at the nursing home and love her bunches!

Comment by Karen

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