To Everything

I took the picture of the strawberries back in early April-they were the first berries I’d seen growing this year and I was excited to see them ripening in the kids’ plot at the community garden. Now, less than three months later, the June-bearers have completed their life cycle, and with the rising heat across the land, the first  blackberries ripened today. Also on this day, our spring planted vegetables came to and end as we cut the last of the broccoli, cauliflower, mezuna and lettuce. I picked the final peas, harvested 22 pounds of red and green cabbages and about 20 celery plants, dug up a hill of red potatoes and had some for supper tonight cooked with the first picking of green beans. It’s all according to a master plan, and right on schedule. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is!

The first day of summer is officially 3 days away, and with this new season will come bushel baskets of beans and peaches, zuchinni and eggplant, spiny, slimy okra and sweet, sweet corn. These are the days that I feel positively rich. Celery rich:

Nothing has ever impacted my life like growing my own food-besides raising my four daughters of course. Who knew I’d fall in love with the whole process, from seed to table? Who knew I’d be taking pictures of  food for crying out loud? I love knowing that my life energy is going into the soil and the seeds and the plants, right along with sun and water and compost. I can’t tell you how alive and empowered I felt today as I stooped over those bean plants and plucked the sun-warmed pods, filling my basket; or how GOOD it felt to snap those beans, and cook them with those  just-dug potatoes and garlic cloves; or how delicious they tasted alongside slices of  red, red early tomatoes and a spicy cauliflower  curry! The culmination of spring and the beginning of summer all came together on my dinner plate tonight, while the earth turned slowly on her axis, and a new season began. As I chopped celery to go in the dehydrator tonight, I was reminded of this scripture:

To everything there is a season

a time for every purpose under the sun.

A time to be born and a time to die;

A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

a time to kill and a time to heal…

a time to weep and a time to laugh;

a time to mourn and a time to dance…

a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;

a time to lose and a time to seek;

a time to rend and a time to sew;

a time to keep silent and a time to speak;

a time to love and a time to hate;

a time for war and a time for peace.

ecclesiastes 3: 1-8


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