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May 13, 2015, 8:03 AM
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The California water crisis is a full-blown catastrophe, yet city councils in desert communities in the southern part of the state are actually considering approval of new, high-dollar housing communities there. You know gated communities with lakes, fountains and golf courses on three sides. IN THE DESERT. Here’s your sign:


Here’s a photo of the boat slips at a local marina…


I write here often about ways we as a society must adapt to the changes in the world brought about climate changes, peak everything and the capitalist nightmare of ever-increasing growth. Californians are obviously adapting in ways I never imagined. Here’s the latest ‘adaptation’ they’re having to endure…

Painting the grass…why not do designs and tie dye looks, peace signs or write prayers for rain? Better yet, why not paint all the dead crops green too so we’ll have something to eat?

On Monday, the town of Livingston, CA which is the next town over from where we lived in Modesto, announced serious water restrictions for its’ residents. Those poor people can only water their lawns 2 days a week now, and can only wash their cars on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. To reinforce that idea, when I woke early this morning it was still dark, but I could hear it raining outside. When I opened the door to get the newspaper, I could hear the rain, but I couldn’t see the rain! What the hell? The porch and street were dry as could be. My newly transplanted CALIFORNIA neighbor was running his sprinkler and it was wetting his lawn, the sidewalk, his house and his car! For hours… but at least it’s Wednesday.



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